The Margaret River Region

Margaret River is one of Australia’s premium wine regions but what make’s it truly unique is it’s variety of adventures. Known globally for it’s stunning beaches and big wave surf you’ll also discover ancient underground caves, dwarfing hardwood forrests and sensational beach fishing.

Award winning wineries are abundtant and so are the boutique breweries. Blessed with mild weather, abundant sunshine and an easy 3 hour drive from Perth, Margaret River has become a must see place for all travellers.

The Coral Coast

Starting at the laid back seaside town of Jurien Bay two hours North of Perth you’ll find Western Australia’s Coral Coast. The Jurien Bay Marine Park is host to a multitude of marine life including the curious and friendly sea lion colonies.

In nearby Cervantes you’ll discover the famous moonscape desert of the Pinnacles. Further North you can visit Kalbarri’s 400 million year old river gorges and enjoy some of the most exciting beach fishing in the world and all of this is right next to the world’s largest fringing coral reef, World Heritage-listed Ningaloo.

The Rainbow Coast

The Rainbow Coast of Western Australia is one of the most captivating locations on the planet. Stretching from the ancient towering tingle forests of Walpole through to the magical town of Denmark where the karri forrests grow beside turquois ocean pools and finishing at Western Australia’s first settlement, the coastal city of Albany with it’s rich convict and settler history. The rugged rocky coastline is interspersed with pristine sandy beaches and the forrests are massive and often meet the shore.

South West

The South West is more than just a destination, it’s the jewel in Western Australia’s crown. With over one million visitors per year it is the most popular area of holiday interest in the state. Wineries, fishing, caving, surfing, beaches, shipwrecks, wildflowers, kangaroos, birdlife, massive forests and rolling hills, your next adventure is never far away.

Shark Bay World Heritage Area

On the edge of the Australian continent where the far west coast meets the sea is the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. This westernmost part of Australia has a unique combination of wildlife, flora and stunning scenery unlike that found anywhere else. Shark Bay’s sheltered coves and lush seagrass beds are a haven for marine species, including Green Turtle, Loggerhead Turtle and one of the world’s most significant and secure strongholds for the protection of Dugong, with a population of around 11,000. Increasing numbers of Humpback Whales and Southern Right Whales use Shark Bay as a migratory staging post, and a famous population of Bottlenose Dolphin lives in the Bay.

Large numbers of sharks and rays are readily observed, including the Manta Ray which is now considered globally threatened.The area contains either the only or major populations of five globally threatened mammals, including the Burrowing Bettong, Rufous Hare Wallaby, Banded Hare Wallaby, the Shark Bay Mouse and the Western Barred Bandicoot. Along with the largest and richest sea-grass beds in the world and it’s 4 billion year old stromatolites – the oldest life forms on earth, it truly is one of the world’s greatest wilderness treasures.